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Tata puts faith in British marque

Jaguar unveils first ever sports utility vehicle

F-PACE Jaguar

Carmaker Jaguar has unveiled its first sport utility vehicle that will fill a gap in the 70-year-old marque’s product range.

The F-PACE will be funded by Indian owner Tata which bought Jaguar in 2008 along with its sister brand Land Rover which been building SUVs for many years.

The car was unveiled on the eve of the Frankfurt Motor Show

Jaguar Land Rover has set aside £3.6 billion to invest in new vehicles and plant as its expands overseas with new factories under construction in Brazil and Slovakia.

The F-PACE will be launched in the UK next spring with an entry level price tag of £34,170 but overseas sales will be crucial. To that extent it is seen as a gamble at a time when China’s economy is slowing down as it has been a particularly lucrative market for high-end brands.

Jaguar Land Rover has seen a slide in the volume of cars sold to China this year but still hopes the new vehicle will help push total sales through 200,000.

The F-PACE will come with rear and all-wheel drive and five trim levels. It can achieve 57.7mpg combined fuel economy and CO2 emissions of 129g/km. It covers 0-60mph in 8.5 sec and has a 130mph top speed.




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