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Sequel to mark 20th anniversary

Danny Boyle: ‘Trainspotting 2 to appear next year’

Ewan McGregorDirector Danny Boyle has confirmed that a sequel to  the 1996 film Trainspotting is due for release next year to mark its 20th anniversary.

Based on Scots writer Irvine Welsh’s novel about a group of drug-addicted friends, Trainspotting was Boyle’s first box office hit. Set largely in Edinburgh, it proved a springboard for stardom for the main cast of Ewan McGregor (left), Robert Carlyle, Ewen Bremner and Jonny Lee Miller.

Sources have quoted Boyle saying that all four want to come back and do the sequel. A complication is that  two of them are contracted to American TV series.

McGregor hinted at the Edinburgh Film Festival that he was keen on reprising his character Renton in a sequel although Boyle revealed two years ago that John Hodge, who wrote the original script, was working on a followup.

Boyle gave McGregor his big screen breakthrough in Shallow Grave and the Scot said that recent bad feelings between himself and the director, which peaked over his being overlooked for the starring role in The Beach, had lifted.

Boyle’s new movie, about Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, has premiered to positive reviews and is said to be in the running for next year’s Oscars.

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