Glasgow facility proved huge success

Vardy repeats CarStore concept in Dundee

CarStorePeter Vardy is to build a car supermarket in Dundee in the expectation of repeating the success of a similar venture in Glasgow.

The new facility for pre-owned cars will be built on an 8.5 acre brownfield site on the Kingsway, just east of the Coupar Angus Road roundabout. It will open in the early part of 2017.

There is expected to be a high demand for jobs at the CarStore. When the firm opened near the Braehead complex in Glasgow in 2013, there were almost 1,000 applicants for 70 posts.

Mr Vardy, chief executive, said: “After the success of CarStore Glasgow, and the warmth with which it was welcomed by the car-buying public, it is a natural progression to bring this offering to another city.”

The exact scale of the Dundee project has still to be finalised, but the site in Glasgow is over 70,000 sq ft and accommodates more than 500 cars, displayed indoors. Glasgow sold 3,500 cars in its first year of operation, and is set to break 4,000 in 2015.

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