New design prompts debate

United getting it in the neck over shirt design

Man U women's kit

Replica kits often prompt arguments over their frequent changes and price, but the new style for Manchester United’s women’s team has caused fury of a different kind.

Some fans are unhappy that the ladies version (above left) features a plunging neckline and has been dubbed sexist.

Helin, aka @MUnitedGirl, wrote on Twitter: “Seriously @adidas?! why is the V neck so low compared with mens one? Some of us don’t like to show cleavage.

Another said “that’s a huge v-neck. Adidas got some changes to do.”

But others were more supportive, including those who object to women footballers wearing what look like men’s kit.

Maureen Smith on Facebook wrote: “It’s not sexist. As a woman with a well proportioned chest, it is far more comfortable and fitting to wear a v neck!”

Another fan, Jules Stone, added: “Stupid, women’s t-shirts should be different ,we are made different.”

Puya was among those who suggested women don’t have to wear the shirt if they don’t want to.

After being approached by numerous media outlets, Helin posted a new comment about how the manufacturers had annoyed her more than the cut of the top.

Saying many had “misunderstood” her comments she wrote: “Although i did think it was unnecessary for the V-collar to be so low, I was more disappointed about the fact Adidas failed to create an exact replica of the team’s (mens) shirt in women’s sizes.”

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