Daily Business enjoys soaring figures

Two-thirds of Scots no longer read a daily newspaper

NewspapersMore Scots are reading news online rather than in newspapers. Almost two-thirds of Scots do not regularly read a daily newspaper, according to the latest data.

Figures from the Scottish Social Attitudes survey show that those no longer reading dailies rose from 24% in 1999 to 59% last year.

Many have switched to online news websites such as Daily Business which yesterday enjoyed its second highest figures over the last 60 days with 4,749 page views and a remarkable 0.15% bounce rate which shows that every reader viewed more than one page.

A third (33%) of people in the survey said they checked online news or newspaper websites at least once a day last year. Others choose to get news snippets from social media sites.

The 25-44 year old age group accessed online news the most, with 65 and over the least likely to use the internet for news.

Rachel Ormston, head of attitudes at ScotCen Social Research, said: “It’s clear that the way we consume news is constantly evolving, with 1 in 3 of us now reading news online on a daily basis.”


Do you regularly read one or more daily morning newspapers?
1999 2004 2009 2012 2014
YES 76% 62% 54% 49% 41%
NO 24% 38% 46% 51% 59%

Sales of newspapers based in Scotland showed a sharp decline in the second half of last year compared with 2013.

The figures show that the Scottish Daily Express and The Scotsman suffered the biggest fall in sales in a period that included the biggest political story in recent times.


Average Scottish print sales
Sales (July to Dec 2014) Change on 2013
The Courier 47,000 -7%
The Herald 37,000 -5%
Press and Journal 60,300 -5%
The Scotsman 26,300 -11%
Scottish Sun 235,000 -9%
Daily Record 197,900 -10%
Daily Express 53,700 -13%
Daily Mail 91,500 -4%
Daily Telegraph 17,000 -9%
The Guardian 9,700 -10%
The Times 18,800 +1%


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