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Vlad headThe really unique thing about the Edinburgh Fringe is that you can see a show at any time of day.  It truly is the festival that never sleeps, although audiences have been known to take the odd snooze during shows. 

This means that if you work in a city centre office, you can catch a show in your lunch hour, or straight after work. 

There is a surprising large amount of comedy on offer around 5 o’clock, so if you work in the city or are visiting on business, you could do worse things than have a few laughs after a hard day at the office.

So here are three cracking shows to start off your night at The Fringe

Laughing Horse @ Free Sisters, Three Sisters, Cowgate 5pm

I recommended this show last week but make no apologies for doing so again.  She guested on my Pick Of The Fringe show at the weekend and her humour is sublime. This forty minute show is the perfect way to start off an evening at The Fringe. Jenny has a warm, engaging personality and a natural wit.  Yet beneath her air of sweet innocence lurks some very dark and edgy material.  Definitely a star of the future, were there to be any justice in showbiz.

Assembly Rooms, George Street.  5 pm

OK, I won’t actually be going to see this show, because I’m in it, along with Mark Nelson and Keir McAllister. If you’ve heard any of us on Radio Scotland’s Breaking The News, you’ll know roughly what to expect, except with stronger language.  A mixture of topical stand-up and chat, a verbal joust between two rising stars of the Scottish comedy scene and an addled old cynic with a hangover.  As much as anything else, it’s an interesting show to play “spot who’s in the audience” as a number of politicians have turned to see what we have to say about them, including wannabe Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale.


The Famous Speigeltent, St Andrew Square Garden.  5.30 pm

This show does exactly what it says on the tin.  It’s a cabaret show starting at 5.30, a mix of comedy, music and dance.  It all takes place in the impressive camp surroundings of the Famous Speigeltent, a wonderful mirrored wooden tent.  Its distinctive fin-de-siecle air is ideal for cabaret and burlesque shows like this one.  The line-up changes daily so you can see this show again and again.  If the weather is good, have a drink afterwards in the Edinburgh Gin Bar underneath the monument in St Andrew Square.

Vladimir McTavish’s one-person show “Scotland, 45 Events That Shaped A Nation” is at The Stand Comedy Club 5, at 6.15 pm from Friday 7th to Sunday 30th August (except Monday 17th)

He is also appearing at the Daily Business Summer Party at the Jam House on 26th August.

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