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Solo shows will be major hits

Vlad againSo here we are at the start of Week One of the Fringe.  “Week One?” you ask “Didn’t it start last Thursday?”   Indeed it did.

However, several years ago, the Fringe decided that three weeks was not enough, and decided to start off in Week Zero.

So far, I have been very busy with my own solo projects, yet have managed to see these three people as part of some showcase gigs over the weekend.  I’m sure their solo shows are going to be major hits at this year’s Fringe.

Stand Comedy Club 2 (Venue 5)  1.20 pm

Last year’s Fringe debut was a critical and box-office hit, and I’m eagerly looking forward to this year’s offering.  Engaging and quirky, Eleanor is, quite simply, one of the most naturally-gifted comedians in Scotland.

Gilded Balloon, Bristo Square 9.15 pm

Mark Nelson won Best Headline Act at this year’s Scottish Comedy Awards, a long-overdue recognition for one of the most consistently-funny comedians in Scotland.  Mark turned 34 this year, and will be musing on the fact that he’s now officially older than Jesus.  Expect him to do so in his own unique style, which, according to the Sunday Times “pushes dangerously near the boundaries of good taste”

Stand Comedy Club 2.  4.50 pm

One of Scotland’s finest political comedians, John Scott runs a monthly satirical gig “Sod The Tories And Have A Nice Week”. Always thought-provoking, his Fringe show last year had the memorable title “Anything Is Better Than These C***s”.

Vladimir McTavish’s one-person show “Scotland, 45 Events That Shaped A Nation” is at The Stand Comedy Club 5, at 6.15 pm from Friday 7 to Sunday 30 August (except Monday 17)

He is also appearing at the Daily Business Summer Party at the Jam House on 26th August. Tickets can be booked online here:

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