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Litter City, an elementary problem: part 2

Visitors flock to the birthplace of Arthur Conan Doyle and to have their photos taken alongside the statue of Sherlock Holmes. Nightlifers enjoy the plentiful bars and restaurants. A Holiday Express welcomes hordes of tourists. Theatre-goers swarm around the area on their way to and from the Playhouse.

Picardy Place is a busy spot in Edinburgh. It’s also one of the filthiest.

A homeless man has taken up residence by a couple of shabby BT phone booths which are regularly surrounded by discarded food and drink cartons.

The nearby litter bin overflows with rubbish. Paper bags and other relics of a throwaway society are scattered along the street.

The seagulls peck at the rubbish spewing out of the bins at the corner of the hotel.

It is an unsightly mess and this weekend it goes to the top of the Daily Business Clean Up Edinburgh league table.

Here’s the evidence:



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