Mackie's produces new ranges

Ices with floral flavours for Botanics visitors

Botanics ice cream Mackies

Visitors to the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh are being treated to new ranges of ice cream with a floral flavour.

The Garden’s catering partner, Sodexo Prestige, has been working with experts at Mackie’s of Scotland to produce rose, jasmine and lavender ices.

Paul Mitchell, catering services director at RBGE for Sodexo Prestige, said: “We are excited by this, because nothing says “summer” better than a scoop of ice cream in the sunshine at the Botanics.

“Using sustainable Scottish suppliers is at the forefront of what we do which is why we were so delighted to partner with Mackie’s of Scotland.

“They share our passion for local provenance and make ice cream on the Aberdeenshire family farm with fresh milk and cream from their own dairy herd and renewable energy generated by their wind turbines and solar panels.” 

Kirstin Mackie, development director with the Scottish family business, said a 12-strong team was involved in developing the flavours at the Mackie’s new product development kitchen on Westertown farm, Aberdeenshire.

Each flavour was rigorously vetted by an in-house expert taste panel, which samples hundreds of potential new flavours every year.

Ms Mackie added: “We’re delighted these have worked out so well, because the cream in ice cream can actually mask such subtle flavours, which makes it rather tricky to pull off a floral ice cream. Normally flavours like this might be more at home in a sorbet.”

Fiona Richmond, project manager at Scotland Food & Drink, said she was delighted the floral flavours were being launched during August, the organisation’s month of focus on dairy products.

Fiona added: “It’s great to learn of the delicious floral flavour ice creams developed by Mackies of Scotland and inspired by the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, where they will be served.

“These products are very much in line with the ethos of the Year of Food and Drink to celebrate Scotland’s fantastic natural larder and encourage people to discover the quality and variety of Scottish produce.”


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