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Here’s the best of northern comedy

Vlad headA criticism frequently levelled at the Edinburgh Fringe is that is a trade fair for the London-based comedy industry.  While it is undoubtedly true that Londoners do tend to dominate in terms of numbers, when it comes to quality they struggle to compete with the other English regions. 

There are a number of really interesting and entertaining shows from Northern England in particular.  It may well be “grim up North”, but some of the best comedy comes from there.

Here are my Top Three Northern Comics to catch this year.

Stand Comedy Club   7.10 pm

Don’t be put off by the title, it’s an ironic twist on the fact that Gavin was recently voted the Comedians’ Comedian of the Year. His style is an intriguing blend of surreal whimsy with old-school delivery. At times intentionally shambolic, his comedic observations are always razor-sharp.  One of the few comics who consistently makes his fellow pros laugh out loud.

Just The Tonic at The Tron, Hunter Square   10.20 pm

One of the most respected acts on the comedy circuit, Mick Ferry is another past winner of the Comedians’ Comedian award.  This effortlessly funny and eminently likeable, Mancunian is also a personal favourite of mine, and someone who I can never tire of watching. A barn-storming appearance on Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow has so far not led to further TV work, which is the public’s loss as he deserves to have a much higher public profile.  If you only see one show at this year’s Fringe, make it Mick Ferry.

Stand Comedy Club 2.30 pm

The title pretty much sums up this show.  This is not everyone’s cup of tea, but for fans of oddball comedy, you will find few more refreshing brews than this.  Don’t let Seymour’s scatty, cookie personality fool you, this is really intelligent, thoughtful homour.

Vladimir McTavish’s one-person show “Scotland, 45 Events That Shaped A Nation” is at The Stand Comedy Club 5, at 6.15 pm from Friday 7th to Sunday 30th August

Vlad is also appearing at the Daily Business Summer Party with Jojo Sutherland and The Dark Jokes on Wednesday 26th August at the Jam House. Details here:

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