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Here’s my pick of the oddball comedians

Vlad againPeople often ask me what type of comedy I enjoy watching.  I have a very wide taste in humour.  As a topical comedian, I enjoy watching people whose style is similar to mine and who cover similar subject matter but what makes me really guffaw, what gives me the biggest belly laughs, are people who people who do stuff totally different to me, people who are just plain silly. 

So if you like your comedy to be oddball, off-the-wall, surreal or simply strange, here are three shows I can heartily recommend at this year’s Fringe.

Stand Comedy Club 2.30 pm

The title pretty much sums up this show.  This is not everyone’s cup of tea, but for fans of oddball comedy, you will find few more refreshing brews than this.  Don’t let Seymour’s scatty, cookie personality fool you, this is really intelligent, thoughtful homour.

Stand Comedy Club   7.10 pm

Don’t be put off by the title, it’s an ironic twist on the fact that Gavin was recently voted the Comedians’ Comedian of the Year. His style is an intriguing blend of surreal whimsy with old-school delivery. At times intentionally shambolic, his comedic observations are always razor-sharp.  One of the few comics who consistently makes his fellow pros laugh out loud.

Scottish Comedy Festival @ The Beehive Inn, Grassmarket 5.10 pm

Someone who deserves much more critical acclaim than he has received to date.  Anyone who regularly watches comedy in Aberdeen will know just how funny this man is, as he is the regular MC at Breakneck Comedy.  Gus is a comedic force of nature, a natural clown and a skilled improviser.  If you’re a fan of manic buffoonery, this is the show for you.  Gus also hosts Scotland’s Pick Of The Fringe at 9.10 at the same venue, which is another great value-for-money show, featuring the highlights for four show for only £ 5.

Vladimir McTavish’s one-person show “Scotland, 45 Events That Shaped A Nation” is at The Stand Comedy Club 5, at 6.15 pm from Friday 7th to Sunday 30th August (except Monday 17th)

Vlad is also appearing at the Daily Business Summer Party on 26th August at the Jam House. Tickets are available here:

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