Investment in port's power supply

Forth freshens up cold storage at Grangemouth

Port of GrangemouthScottish importers and exporters of fresh produce will benefit from a significant increase in capacity for handling refrigerated containers at the country’s largest container terminal at the Port of Grangemouth.

Owner, Forth Ports, is installing more power facilities which are required on arrival to keep contents fresh while being loaded or unloaded.

Forth is responding to demand, principally from Scotland’s fresh food exporters which have already suffered a major scare from the hold-ups at the Channel Tunnel caused by the migrant crisis at Calais. This has put fresh food destined for the continent at risk.

Forth says the improvement infrastructure at Grangemouth will lengthen the season for the shipping of produce such as potatoes, cheese, fish and seafood.  The investment will maintain the Port of Grangemouth’s position as the largest reefer facility in Scotland.

It follows the announcement in June of a major investment at Grangemouth to increase its capacity for storing both conventional containers and reefers and the commissioning of a feasibility study into deepening the shipping channel within the port to handle larger vessels.

Stuart Wallace, director of Scottish operations, said: “Scotland has a growing reputation right across the world for the quality of our fresh produce and that’s resulted in increasing demand for reefer capacity.

“That’s good for the Scottish economy and good for business and we’re committed to investing in support of this growth through increasing our reefer capacity at the Port of Grangemouth.”

Mark Cornwell, operations manager UK & Ireland for Maersk Line, one of the principal shippers of fresh produce from Scotland, said: “Shipments of temperature-controlled products are a critical and growing part of our business in Scotland and this exciting development ensures that Grangemouth will be well placed to support demand growth in this segment.

“As a long term customer of both Forth Ports and the Port of Grangemouth we have seen how they have been able to understand and support both our needs and those of our customers and we look forward to collaborating further to encourage future growth in the Scottish economy.”

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