Arts project plans fund-raising

Crowdfund plan for Great Scottish Make-Off

Freat Scottish Make OffAn ambitious new arts project which aims to introduce communities across Scotland to the benefits of creativity is embarking on a crowdfunding exercise.

The project, entitled ‘The Great Scottish Make-Off’, puts creativity and vision firmly at the heart of anyone wishing to produce a compelling piece of artwork. The organiser is hoping to raise £35,000 through the Indiegogo platform.

It also places restrictions on the amount of time, materials and tools artists will use in creating their work – for example, a painting, a sculpture or other forms of creativity, designed to make a visual impact.

The Great Scottish Make-Off is the brainchild of Pop Up! Scotland, a social enterprise which brings art to unexpected places around the country. It has organised a raft of art events and workshops, but this claims to be its most ambitious to date.

Creative director Anne Rushing said: “Artists of all abilities will be selected as the contestants, and will be given a brief, materials, and a day to create their work.

“Think of it as a ‘mystery box’ art challenge. Everyone will be invited to come watch in their local community, and we’ll be offering a chance for these people to have their own mini-make off with workshops and hands on collaborative art projects. It’s all about engaging local communities, highlighting local artists, and introducing more people to the benefits of creativity.

“However, as Pop Up! Scotland is a social enterprise and we rely heavily on volunteer engagement, we need to finance the project via the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform.

“This will enable us to take The Great Scottish Make Off to places like Inverness, Paisley, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Dundee and tap in to as many local communities as possible within these cities. We want to evangelise about creativity being seen as a force for good and The Great Scottish Make Off will make this happen.”

Ms Rushing has engaged a number of venues to offer free space and some artistic materials.

Ms Rushing adds: “Scotland is only the start. This fun project could work UK-wide or even globally, but in order to do so, we need to attract funding. Fundamentally, we are a community organisation and we want show the arts has a pivotal role to play in every community across the land.”

Pop Up! Scotland will use this money to organise local ‘competitions’, live stream events so artists can be seen creating their works, create local community Great Scottish Make Off groups who will help with the organisation/planning and also contribute ideas and ways to make each local event a true success

The Great Scottish Make Off pilot project is currently running at Gayfield Creative Spaces in Gayfield Square, Edinburgh until the end of the Festival.

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