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Craft brewer BrewDog switches PR account

Brewdog dreamBrewDog, the craft brewer, has switched its PR account from Manifest to The Romans who will now be responsible for media relations, stunts, bar openings, beer launches and the Equity For Punks crowdfunding programme. Manifest will be retained for some projects.

The brewer has been credited with being a catalyst for the emergence of craft beer and microbreweries although it has now gone mainstream as an international business.

Since 2010 its payroll has grown from 39 to 358 and output sixfold to nine million litres. New bar launches are planned in the UK, Brussels, Rome and Stockholm.

James Watt, co-founder, said: “We’re psyched to be working with The Romans; their ideas put mischievous smiles on our faces. We’re already plotting some epic bar launches, insane Equity for Punks activity and unprecedented beer announcements – watch this space.”

Joe Sinclair and Misha Dhanak, founders of The Romans, added: “The BrewDog guys make incredible beer that we love as well as having a serious track record of genuinely disruptive work. We’re looking forward to never having to float a giant bottle of Punk IPA down the Thames.”

Alex Myers, founder and managing director of Manifest, said: “We are very proud of the work we’ve done and continue to do with BrewDog. It has been a privilege to build the brand strategy and tone of voice from scratch for such an incredible brand, managing all of its external comms for over five years now.

“But the time has come to pass the baton of retained work to The Romans and free ourselves up to work on other exciting campaigns in the drinks industry, while still maintaining our links with BrewDog for bigger creative projects and ongoing international work around Equity for Punks.”

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