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Post aims to heal rift

BBC responds to attacks with new editor role

BBC Scotland protests (BBC)The BBC is creating the post of Scotland Editor following criticism of its referendum coverage. The appointed journalist will report on Scottish issues for the UK and should be in post by the end of October.

The move is a response to general, and now more high profile, accusations against the BBC which culminated in yesterday’s address by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon at the Television Festival in Edinburgh. She resisted tainting the corporation with bias, preferring instead to accuse it of “lapses” in objectivity.

Some of this was said to be due to national reporters coming late to stories.

“When some network journalists came into the campaign very late on and reported on issues that had been discussed in detail in Scotland for months, what people sometimes heard sounded less than fully informed,” the First Minister said.

The appointment of a Scotland Editor forms part of the BBC’s wider attempts to better reflect life in the newly-devolved UK.

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