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Social network joins newspaper group

talkholiday and China Daily in ‘unique’ tie-up

Chris NewlandsA Scots-based social networking site built around the holiday industry has teamed up with the biggest English language media group in China

Talkholiday, which is run from Glasgow by Chris Newlands, is partnering China Daily Europe in a virtual club to focus on Chinese tourism-related activity, including peer to peer conversations, exclusive travel deals, member benefits and financial offers.

Club members will receive various discounts and added value packages of products and services. Other key partners include China Mobile, CTS Horizon and The Dorsett Hotel Group.

Bank of China hosted the launch event at its London headquarters yesterday.

Ji Tao, chairman of China Daily Europe, said: “This is a unique and immediate method of improving access to China.

“Primarily our target audience will be UK and EU business and leisure travellers who put their interest in China. It is the only one of its kind and the best platform to connect with China.

“We believe very soon China Club will be seen as the main first contact channel to do business or simply just to travel to any Chinese region. We want to help our readers and make it easier for them to learn about everything China has to offer.”

China Daily is the largest English-language Chinese news platform in the world. Created over 30 years ago, it publishes its China Daily title on all continents.

The European edition, started in 2010 and headquartered in London, aims to bring insight news and opinions from the Chinese perspective to let its readers better understand differences in culture, business and policies. China Daily European Weekly is now distributed in 23 countries, acting as a reference point for business leaders and policy makers around the continent.

Mr Newlands said: “This is an exciting opportunity to show our support for China as they look to promote their country and culture from a tourism and trade perspective.

“The aim of China Club is to amass a significant number of people from all over the globe with an interest in business and tourism to all destinations in China.”

The launch of China Club has also led talkholiday to develop its own site and will now coincide with a significant upgrade of their platform, both in aesthetics and capacity.

“We have made wholesale changes, for the better, to the new site,’” said Mr Newlands.

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