Car insurance firm steers route to growth

Sure Thing beats forecasts on sales and jobs

Brendan DevineCar insurance firm Sure Thing, launched in April last year by former Kwik Fit Insurance Services boss Brendan Devine, has beaten its pre-launch targets on sales and customers.

The firm said sales were up 190% on forecasts and it had pulled in 80,000 customers.

Since launching, the team has grown from 25 to almost 100, housed in premises in Maxim Park at Eurocentral. The premises are set to expand by 6,500 sq ft within the next year which will see staff numbers reach 400 by 2019. New products could also be on the cards this year.

Mr Devine, chief executive, said: “We’ve exceeded all expectations in terms of what we set out to do. We’re providing competitively priced policies to customers who love their cars and can’t get enough of driving them. Our aim is to take the complication out of buying insurance and allow customers to focus more on enjoying driving their car.”

A significant recent appointment was pricing director, Stephen Robertson, who has held senior positions with Kwik Fit Insurance, Ageas and Tesco Bank and will join Sure Thing in September.

Mr Devine said: “Our insurer panel started off with an impressive 10 underwriters – and the figure now stands at 19.”

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