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Project now in jeopardy

Rudd’s subsidy ruling likely to kill off Lanarkshire wind farm

Amber RuddA renewables energy firm has warned that a project in Lanarkshire is now unlikely to go ahead because of the UK government’s decision to withdraw a key subsidy for onshore wind farms.

Muirhall Energy was recently granted permission for a three turbine wind development next to its existing facility at Muirhall Farm.

The go-ahead, which was granted on appeal, has the potential to underpin existing employment in the area and generate significant benefits for the local community, it says.

Colin Williams, Muirhall’s director of wind development, said: “While we’re delighted that permission has been granted, there are now doubts about whether the project will go ahead.

“We’ve already been consulting with the local community about how the substantial community investment fund of around £100,000 per year could support local aspirations. We may not now be able to take these plans forward.”

Amber Rudd (pictured), the UK Energy Secretary, has stuck to an election campaign promise to end the Renewables Obligation to onshore wind farms by early next year. The decision has been condemned by the Scottish renewables industry and by the Scottish government.

If plans are able to proceed at Muirhall the three new turbines would form an extension to the existing Muirhall Windfarms, which have already benefited the local community by more than £320,000.

Muirhall Energy has awarded more than £5million of contracts to companies through the development of the Muirhall Windfarms.

Chris Walker, managing director and founder of Muirhall Energy, said; “Muirhall Energy is passionate about working with local communities and businesses. The recent decision by the UK Government is a blow to a sector that is attracting investment, creating jobs and benefitting communities across Scotland.”

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