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Firm pledges end to painful drilling

Pioneering dental spin-out in dual crowdfunding campaign

Dental firmA company that promises to revolutionise dental treatment is also launching what is believed to be the first equity crowdfunding campaign simultaneously in the UK and US.

King’s College London spin-out Reminova, now based in Perth, is seeking £1 million to take its revolutionary tooth-rebuilding invention to market, and transform global dental health.

The company’s pain-free treatment reverses and repairs early-stage tooth decay.

It uses electrical pulses to regrow natural tooth enamel. There is no need for fillings or injections – instead teeth are painlessly repaired.

Chief executive Dr Jeff Wright said: “Tooth decay strikes vulnerable groups hard: children; the elderly; those living in developing countries.

“Anaesthetic injections and the dentist’s drill cause fear, stress and pain. And put people off going to the dentist for a check-up.

“We can reverse the decay and rebuild the enamel. So you never get those horrible fillings and never have to face an injection. Dental drilling becomes a thing of the past.”

Reminova holds or is applying for 17 patents and has the exclusive intellectual property licence to commercialise its technology worldwide.

The company is developing a dental instrument and consumable treatment packs. The company estimates a market of 700,000 dentists across eight countries worldwide. The device will cost less than $10,000 while packs will sell at below $10.

Its management team includes world leaders in tooth decay. There is no controlling shareholder group at Reminova or venture capital investment.

The company is raising money through Edinburgh-based equity crowdfunding specialist ShareIn. Investors are being invited to buy shares. Minimum investment levels have been set at £1,000 in the UK/EU and $5,000 in the US.

Wright added: “The beauty about equity crowdfunding is we get shareholders who, like us, want to take the fear, stress and pain out of trips to the dentist. As well as being motivated by the potential financial returns.

“With their help and investment, our tooth rebuilding treatment could be available to patients within three years.”

Photo: Dr Chris Longbottom, Prof Nigel Pitts and Dr Jeff Wright of Reminova

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