Exclusive: Drink goes on sale in Asda stores

Nourishing drink that’s a ‘cure’ for a hangover

David HastieA new energy drink that promises to combat stress and tiredness is gaining plaudits…as the latest cure for a hangover.

Young Scottish businessman David Hastie’s wheatgrass has been designed for athletes and those just seeking a nourishing pick-me-up.

Now he has been told his secret formula Nutrifiz works wonders for those suffering the effects of a night on the booze.

The effervescent drink, made from natural products and containing 20 vitamins and minerals, was created last year and is about to go on sale in Asda supermarkets across the country after tests showed consumers liked its refreshing qualities.

“It was an extra bonus when people told me they were drinking it to help cure their hangover,” says the former Glasgow University medical student. Irn-Bru claims similar capabilities but David says it defies nutritional science.

The 35-year-old, based in Edinburgh, developed the product after a spell living in Canada where wheatgrass is hugely popular among health-conscious North Americans.

“They are obsessed with superfoods. Hollywood actors start drinking and eating something and everyone follows them,” he says.

“But their drink is quite gritty and I wanted something that tasted better.”

Back home he did some research and in conjunction with a contract manufacturer in North Yorkshire he came up with a sweeter version using an effervescent tablet instead of a powder. He has done a deal with a firm in Slovakia to make the tablets.

David’s business, based at the Gyle business park, has won backing from a government funding scheme that will help him expand.

Asda has persuaded him to make a children’s range and Nutrifiz for Kids will be launched in 321 stores nationwide in September.

Now he is targeting the US after winning a contract to supply a chain of pharmacies.

Photo: Terry Murden

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