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Edinburgh: City of broken streets (part 2)

unfinished work at WaverleyWaverley tarmac 2Since launching our campaign to repair Edinburgh’s broken streets and pavements and improve the litter situation there has been some positive response from the City Council.

So, well done Edinburgh City Council for at least starting work on the unfinished paving on Waverley Bridge. See before and after, left.

We would like to think the tarmac was there because this post is being removed as it doesn’t seem to be in use. Watch this space.

The sign-less grey pole also remains unmoved and some of the newly-laid paving has been dug up around another lamp post (below).

ripped up pavement

Work to repair the broken pavement in West Register Place opposite the Balmoral (below) and remove the unused pole shows no sign of being attended to in spite of the council saying it would report the matter to the relevant team.

West Register pole

A reader sends a picture below of South College Street showing newly-reinstated cobbles in South College Street and remarks: “They can do it if they try.” So, credit for this job.

South College St

Broughton St was recently closed for two weeks to allow for pipe-laying, but the “reinstated” road is already a pothole waiting to happen as a result of poor tarmac work (below).

Broughton St

It is good to see that the tarmac left at the western end of Princes St following the tram work is slowly being replaced. Once again, however, it is far from satisfactory. A guest who had a meeting with Daily Business in the Caledonian remarked on the uneven surface of the new paving outside the Huxley.

Furthermore, the area appears to be smothered in cement. The transmission box has been left leaning at an angle and scrawled with graffiti (below).

Rutland Place

Oh, and the area has its own useless, unused pole (below) just to add to those in virtually every other street in the city centre. Once again, as with the one in Waverley Bridge, the workmen have carefully cut the paving around this pointless piece of street furniture (before covering the pavement in cement).

Rutland Pole

Perhaps this signpost should have a sign on it saying Welcome to the Waldorf. At least it would then have a purpose. Alternatively, it could warn visitors about the wonky new paving and other problems under foot.






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