New venue for Edinburgh

Leith Depot tunes into live music scene

MeridianA new music venue will open in Edinburgh providing some consolation to those who still mourn the closure of the Picture House.

Leith Depot will occupy the former Meridian bar on Leith Walk, providing a restaurant with a 100-capacity music venue upstairs.

Peter Mason, one of the venue’s co-owners with Julie Carty and Patrick Kavanagh who runs the Leith School of Music based next door to the pub.

“It was Patrick’s idea to look into using the old Meridian as a venue for all of Edinburgh,” said Mr Mason.

“We know a lot of musicians in the Leith area and throughout Edinburgh and the council have been quite tough on bands playing in pubs so there really are a lot of bands and musicians out there that need somewhere to play live.”

There are plans to open in August and the venue is now looking for bands and artists.

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