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Grant McGregor wins IT security accolade

Grant McGregorScottish technology firm Grant McGregor’s battle against spammers and hackers has won it an accolade from one of the world’s biggest IT security firms.

The firm was named best performing UK partner by GFI Software.

The 11-strong staff at Grant McGregor protect scores of businesses across the UK – including BSkyB, G4S Security, Macmillan Group and the RFU – by helping their IT departments keep systems working and guard against online and digital threats.

David Lawrence, one of the founding directors of the £1 million a year Edinburgh firm said: “Security is a real and daily threat to every business that uses computers and accesses the internet.

“There’s never been a time when the security of business networks, servers, PCs and devices has been more widely talked about and understood.

“Virtually everyone now appreciates the threat to business and reputation, whether from spam email, viruses or outright hacker attacks. Recently we’ve seen the likes of Sony and even the US Federal Government suffer in a major way.

“Every business is a potential target, so for us to be recognised by an international leader in security like GFI and to be named their best performing UK partner is a huge honour and a major vote of confidence in our services.”

Jon Towers, another founding director of the firm, attended a three day event to collect the accolade.



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