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Businesses give 100% approval to IIYP programme

Peter Russian 2A year after the launch of the Investors in Young People accreditation businesses have given it their unanimous support.

Research by the University of Glasgow has revealed that 100% of Scottish businesses questioned rated the experience as “positive” or “very positive”.

Most said the reason they applied for the programme was to confirm they were doing the right thing and that they were an employer of choice. It was also a way of retaining talent for the future.

The next phase of the programme will put an emphasis on organisations that have excelled at developing practices for recruiting, retaining and developing young people.

Peter Russian (pictured), chief executive of Investors in People Scotland,  said:  “The findings from Glasgow University are very encouraging.

“However, the first anniversary is a time to pause and consider the achievements that have taken place during the first year. Going into the second year, IIYP has a very strong platform on which to build, with an emphasis on pushing organisations that already do good work with young people.

“Currently the accreditation process involves the IIYP team working closely with businesses to assess their business needs and objectives, we then look at how young people can help businesses to achieve their targets.

“We’ve found many of our accredited organisations pushing ahead and raising their commitment to working with young people, really making them an integral part of their business. Therefore we felt it appropriate to stretch the standard of the IIYP programme – companies will now have the opportunity to apply for the standard silver or gold level.”

The study of 172 firms, carried out by the University’s Training and Employment Research Unit, revealed a variety of reasons why so many organisations apply for the accreditation.

Some 89% cited getting recognition for things they were already doing in the workplace, while 87% wanted to be recognised and seen as an employer of choice. Future-proofing business prospects also featured high on the agenda, with almost a quarter (24%) citing the importance of creating a pool of future talent.

Annabelle Ewing, Minister for Youth and Women’s Employment, met with the IIYP team and the first group of businesses to achieve the new accreditation levels.

Ms Ewing said:  Investors in Young People accreditation recognises the good work of employers in Scotland and all recipients are fine examples for other employers and organisations.

“I am confident that interest from employers in the new Second Generation IIYP model will prove to be every bit as strong as it has been in the original framework and even more employers will come to understand the business benefits of engaging with education to develop their young workforce.”

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