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Business leaders invited to free mentoring event

Bank of ScotlandBusiness leaders are being invited to share their experiences and skills at an enterprise mentoring event organised by Bank of Scotland and the Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative.

The free Meet A Mentor event takes place on Wednesday at the George Hotel on George Street, Edinburgh.

It aims to connect business owners with experienced enterprise mentors and all attendees will be given free affiliate membership of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs (IOEE). 

Jackie Jenks, senior manager enterprise mentoring at Bank of Scotland, said: “Mentoring is a useful way of providing entrepreneurs with access to support and information from skilled and experienced industry professionals, which is why we are working to make mentors more widely accessible.

“For smaller and newer companies, the chance to use another industry professional as a sounding-board for new ideas and strategies can be a huge benefit and bring an objective perspective to the decision-making process, and the event in Edinburgh is a great starting place for this.”

nterested attendees can register for the events at:

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