Core-Asset Consulting marks anniversary

Betsy’s hybrid hunch pays off with 10 years of growth

Betsy WilliamsonBetsy Williamson is marking the tenth anniversary of her recruitment company, satisfied that her belief in creating a new model has paid off.

She launched Edinburgh-based Core-Asset Consulting in July 2005 as a hybrid that combined the best of high street hirers and executive search agencies.

Since then turnover has risen 40-fold to £12 million and it now serves more than 50 clients across Scotland’s financial services sector. During that time the firm has represented 29,000 candidates. Her own payroll has grown from two to 30.

Betsy explained the ethos behind her company in an interview with Daily Business in April when she accused the sector of being too driven by sales and volumes and said there should be a regulator to oversee business practices.

“Recruitment is something that is easy to do, but difficult to do right,” she told us. “People are not products, they are complex, and there is a trend in the industry to think only about the sale and the commission.”

As she marks this month’s anniversary she repeats the message. “A recruitment business built on people, service and ethics – not fees, targets and internal competition,” she says.

The formula seems to have worked. Not only has turnover risen sharply but Core-Asset has generated a profit every year and managed to retain staff even during the 2007-09 downturn in the financial services sector.


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