Ad campaign is all an illusion

Why this is not what you think it is….


Arm boob

A South American lingerie brand is the focus of an imaginative campaign that uses innocent body parts to look like more sensitive areas.

It has used close-up photography of elbows, legs and shoulders provocatively dressed with lacy underwear.

The illusion prompts viewers to believe they are looking at something else until the real photo is revealed.

The campaign is the creation of  Conill, the Saatchi & Saatchi-owned agency for Jane Pain, an Argentine brand.Each advert, part of a print campaign, features the revealing line: “It if can make your elbow/knee look sexy, imagine what it can do in the right place”.

Javier Campopiano, Conill’s chief creative officer, said: “Great apparel is about making a woman look beautiful and feel sensual.

“Jane Pain makes such an incredible product that we wanted to show it in an unexpected way, addressing that their lingerie can make you look great even if you wear it on the ‘wrong’ body parts.”

Picture above: Close up of folded arm made to look like cleavage; on home page, a bent leg is also made to look like a different body part


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