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Garret-Cox absent from awards

Missing and unmentioned at the EY ball

Katherine Garrett-Cox 3A night of celebration at the EY awards last night, though one person’s absence went unmentioned.

Among those who made it on to the shortlist for the Entrepreneur of the Year Award was Katherine Garret-Cox of Alliance Trust, though her name was mysteriously missing from the programme notes.

Apparently, Ms Garret-Cox asked the organisers to withdraw her candidacy. It’s understood she was “too busy” and wanted to focus on other matters.

Earlier this year she was engaged in a spat with rebel shareholders of the Dundee-based trust and was forced into a climb down by accepting two directors on to the board against her initial wishes.

Anyway, she was subsequently named Veuve Clicquot Businesswoman of the Year, so her performance has not gone completely unrecognised.

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