New device to search for missing items

How to find your lost keys: get a Lupo

LupoTwo former students have developed a small pocketable fob for those who are constantly losing their keys, bags, or laptops.

The Lupo device fits on a key ring or in a wallet and finds the lost item with a simple click. It uses Bluetooth technology to link the Lupo with a mobile phone.

Strathclyde university friends Raj Sark and Vincenz Klemt came up with the idea to help owners keep track of their valuables.

The device was showcased at a recent fund-raising event at the RBS headquarters at Gogarburn and is being trialled by a blue-chip insurance company which believes it may help reduce claims for lost items.

“I am always losing my keys,” says Raj. “This has saved me a lot of time searching for them.”

He explains that 900 laptops are left by passengers at Heathrow every week. Most are reclaimed, but only after a lot of effort and distress. “The Lupo could help cut out a lot of the time looking and waiting,” says Raj.

The device, the size of a casino chip, was first made in Clydebank but an improved and cheaper version is being manufactured in China. A free app can be downloaded and the device itself costs about £20.

Raj, 29, and Vincenz, 26, are based at Entrepreneurial Spark in Glasgow, and are developing a sticky version of the Lupo that can be easily attached to devices.

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