New website for young driver project

Good egg Jan cracks driver safety campaign

Good EggJan James is using the power of the web to steer teenagers on the road to safe driving. Her business gives lessons in how to get a licence – and how to keep it.

Now she has relaunched the website for her Good Egg Safety campaign to target more of the target teenage audience. Jan, who is chief executive of social marketing agency, Dynamic Group, said: “Lots of responsible young drivers have already thanked us for the help we’ve given them.

“Now we’ve made it even easier for 17-year-olds to get step-by-step guidance through every stage of the process, from applying for a provisional to making sure they don’t lose their driving licence within weeks or months of finally getting it.

“We’ve also taken a number of our separate websites and combined them into one powerful and free resource which is also of huge help to both parents and driving instructors.”

Good Egg Safety is headquartered in Edinburgh and its Good Egg Drivers campaign is backed by Arnold Clark motor group.

The revamp of the Good Egg Drivers resource is the latest phase of a £500,000 investment in the campaign since it was created four years ago.

Young racing driver Christie Doran, 20, (pictured above centre) is an ambassador for Good Egg Drivers and said she expects the new website to be a huge hit with young drivers.

“My work with Good Egg Drivers involves regularly going into schools and colleges to speak with 17 and 18-year-olds. They want clear help and advice.

“That is what the new website delivers and it informs them in a way that young people can relate to. I am doing everything I can to promote Good Egg Drivers and get them to visit the website. I have no doubt that it will make better, safer drivers.”

Road safety experts welcomed the launch of the new look online resource for young drivers, urging teens and parents alike to check out the free service. Honor Byford, chairwoman of Road Safety GB, said: “Parents, grandparents and carers all want to ensure their children’s safety, including when they are travelling in a car and later when they want to learn to drive themselves.”

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