Ayrshire tycoon interviewed

Sir Tom tells his story on Sky show

hunter and woodSir Tom Hunter is the next Scottish entrepreneur to feature in Sky television show, Fortune Hunter. He joins show host, Lyndon Wood, to discuss the importance of mentoring in business and offers an insight into his own success.

Fortune Hunter appears on the last Tuesday of every month, with each episode offering budding entrepreneurs, and businesses of all sizes, leading industry advice. The first episode featured Jim Duffy who heads up Entrepreneurial Spark.

Sir Tom will be joined on the show by, Eric Ho (YOYO Noodle Franchise Owner, & International Speaker), Julianne Ponan (Creative Foods), Carolyn Pearson (Maiden Voyage), and Lilach Bullock (Comms Axis and Social Media Influencer).

Mr Wood, who is also the founder of Sun.Zu.com and insurance giant, Moorhouse Group and Constructaquote.com, said: “We have some outstanding guests on our next show, and not many entrepreneurs are more successful in the UK right now than Sir Tom Hunter. It was a real honour to have Sir Tom speak about his experiences and offer aspiring entrepreneurs real golden nuggets of advice.

“There is a big focus on how we communicate as individuals and how we communicate our business during episode two and viewers will receive some amazing top level insight from communication specialist Lilach Bullock. That’s the awesome thing about each episode of Fortune Hunter, we can all learn.

“Anybody watching Fortune Hunter, should be sat there watching it with a pen and paper, taking notes because no matter what stage you’re at in business, you can never stop learning and there is something everyone in business can take away from this programme.”

Fortune Hunter, 8pm Showcase TV (Sky 192) and Freesat 402 on Tuesday 26 May

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