Call for ex FM to be made Sec of State

Sir Tom Hunter to PM: ‘give Alex Salmond post in Cabinet’

Sir Tom HunterScottish businessman Sir Tom Hunter has urged the incoming Prime Minister David Cameron to appoint Alex Salmond  Secretary of State for Scotland.

In the first response to the General Election from a business leader north of the border, Sir Tom believes this would be a useful gesture towards the SNP which won all but three seats in Scotland.

Former SNP leader and First Minister Mr Salmond won the Gordon seat and will be a powerful figure among a huge block of 56 SNP MPs at Westminster.

Sir Tom said: “Its now time for David Cameron to offer Alex Salmond the Secretary of State for Scotland position.

“The Prime Minister has said his priority is the Union and Nicola Sturgeon has offered the hand of friendship across the UK; this would test both intentions and would reflect the democratic will of the people.”

While the Tories secured enough seats to avoid forming a coalition, the SNP will wield huge influence from the backbenchers and now form the third biggest party in the UK.

After the Tories retained one seat in Scotland, a move to appoint an SNP MP to the Cabinet would be seen as a positive move to ease tensions over the future of the union which is now likely to flare up again.

Nationalists will feel that there is an even bigger democratic deficit now that Scotland is virtually a one-party state but not in government.

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