Entrepreneur says: 'work together'

Scottish technology pioneers urged to collaborate

EIE15A seasoned Silicon Valley entrepreneur will today urge technology pioneers in Scotland to collaborate to help each grow.

Heidi Roizen, a former colleague of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, says the Scottish technology scene is “really exciting” on the back of success stories such as Skyscanner and FanDuel.

But what is now required is that entrepreneurs and founders pull together and to help each other out.

“So we need the likes of Gareth Williams and Nigel Eccles to not only put personal wealth back into the startup sector, but to provide their experience and know how to the next wave of tech startup stories,” she will tell the EIE15 conference in Edinburgh.

Herman Hauser, who co-founded Acorn Computers which spun out Arm Holdings, spoke about the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence and said that while the smartphone is one of the greatest developments in recent years, the most important enabler has been the data centres that allow the explosion in data to be possible.

However, this now comes with a problem: “energy consumption by data centres is now the number one problem,” he said.

Fantasy sports firm FanDuel’s co-founder Lesley Eccles recalled help she had received from the event and said she was “thrilled” that it had grown so large.

EIE is the only showcase of its kind to bring Scottish pre and post revenue companies from across information and communications technology (ICT), life sciences and energy sectors in front of investors from around the world.

The forum has been a springboard to more than £129m of investment in early stage Scottish companies since the inaugural event in 2008. EIE15 is run in conjunction with the Scottish Investment Bank and Scottish Enterprise.

This year’s crop is made up of 60 companies: 37 from ICT, 13 from life sciences and 10 from the energy sectors.

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