Beer brand and top chef link up

Partnership hails a taste of Italy

MenabreaItalian beer brand Menabrea has partnered with top chef Antonio Favuzzi to celebrate its UK roll out.

The beer, which was showcased at the Edinburgh Fashion Week earlier this year is produced by Italy’s oldest continuously operating brewery, and the partnership marks its first significant UK distribution.

Menabrea is pairing with Favuzzi’s flagship London restaurant L’Anima in a celebration of Italian food and drink.  Favuzzi will also lead exclusive dining events with Menabrea in Edinburgh, Glasgow, London and Manchester this summer.

Favuzzi began his cooking journey as a child in Sardinia, where he was influenced by the Southern Italian cooking styles of his Sicilian mother and Puglian father. He began his professional career working at prestigious establishments in Sardinia and Milan before moving to London in 2003.

He opened the widely acclaimed L’Anima restaurant in 2008, where he helped create a high-end menu reflective of Moorish cuisine. The chef made the decision to partner with Menabrea thanks to his love of the beer’s flavour profile, which he believes matches his food.

He  said: “Menabrea is an exceptionally flavoursome beer.  It only uses five simple ingredients, but those ingredients are of the highest quality and brewed using over 150 years of skill and craftsmanship. Simplicity, quality and craftsmanship can also be found at the heart of Italian cooking, so Menabrea’s rich, complex taste and citrus undertones work well with core Italian ingredients.

“Both Menabrea and L’Anima have a shared passion for bringing the best of Italy to the UK, and I warmly welcome the chance to work with a beer that offers a real taste of my home country.”

Franco Thedy, managing director of Menabrea and a fifth generation successor of the brewery’s founding family, said:  “In the bars of Turin and Milan, when you ask for a ‘birra’, it’s likely you will be served Menabrea. To many people in the UK it’s still a chance to discover something new.  We’re thrilled to have a celebrated Italian chef like Antonio Favuzzi on board to help introduce us.”

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