Tycoon says she is leaving Scotland

Mone ‘sets record straight’ with ‘SNP muppets’

Michelle MoneUpdate: Lingerie businesswoman Michelle Mone says she “wants to set the record straight” about her spat with SNP supporters who rounded on her after she said she was ‘leaving’ Scotland.

Ms found herself involved in a row on social media with Scottish nationalists this week after announcing she was ‘leaving’ Scotland.

Ms Mone told her 926,000 followers that she had decided to follow her business overseas, although the headquarters of bra firm Ultimo, in which she now has a minority stake, will remain in Scotland.

She wrote: ‘Been a long hard decision, but I’m moving away for many reasons. Ultimo HQ will still remain. My passion & love will never die for #Scotland.’

But the decision brought some criticism and she replied to ‘SNP muppets’, saying she had not turned her back on Scotland, adding: “I certainly won’t miss u hated jealous lot”.

Today she said she was only aiming her attacks at 25 people who abused her and used the “C” word.

She also pleaded with the Scots not to get more “bitter and angry” and for them to work together.

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