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Edinburgh Council: sort out street repairs and litter

CastlehillEdinburgh Council – you are letting us down. And here’s a brief list of reasons why, starting with the failure to repair road surfaces after utility work was supposed to have been made compulsory.

Castlehill, one of the the most populated tourist areas in the city, was left in this state (left) after the utility companies were allowed to dig up recently laid cobbles and leave this mess.

The road needs to be reinstated, and quickly, and not left as if it does not matter.

These things are important if the city really believes in the integrity of the environment. We will be watching to ensure the work is done.

salt boxYou are also responsible for overflowing bins. The salt box outside the National Galleries (left) is not even a bin, but is used as one because of a lack of bins in the area. Why are there none outside one of the most popular venues in the city?

You are also responsible for the pointless installation of sign posts which serve no purpose (below), more of which were installed in Leith Walk in recent weeks to add to the existing pointless poles. They are costly and unsightly, yet they continue to appear in ever greater numbers.

Not only do they tell pedestrians and motorists the blindingly obvious, some do not even carry signs at all. The one pictured here did eventually bear a sign but merely to reinforce parking restrictions that are not only well known but are also widely abused because they are ridiculous.

pointless poleThere is also a failure to repair roads such as the upper stretch of Leith Walk, which are now no longer fit for purpose and force bus passengers to cling to the seats to avoid being thrown to the floor.

This road is well overdue reconstruction. It is not only embarrassing to the local population but to visitors to the area who must wonder why  a World Heritage city is littered with concrete bollards (including some opposite the Playhouse theatre), cracked pavements and mangled railings that give the impression of a neglected city.

This is a World Heritage City with Third World standards of roads and footways. GET IT FIXED.

This website will be launching a campaign to sort out these problems.

(top photo by Ian Ritchie)



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