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Spieth: a gift for golf and corporate America

Jordan SpiethJordan Spieth was far from alone in celebrating his victory in the US Masters. Aside from equalling the record 18 under par set by fellow American Tiger Woods, the 21-year-old was being feted by a growing list of eager sponsors and by the sport itself.

Golf has been suffering a slowing in popularity and finding a new superstar barely out of school is just what it needs to revive interest among the young.

Not that Spieth is a newcomer. He was runner up at the Masters last year and despite his tender years, he already has a line-up of sponsors to his name and a £1.5 million mansion in Dallas, Texas.

At 19 he made the decision to relinquish his remaining years at the University of Texas in favour of a professional career.

With amateur tournament victories under his belt, he knew he was heading for the top – and so did the sponsors. His first partnership was with Under Armour which made Spieth its first sponsored head-to-toe golfer.

In addition, he has signed agreements with Rolex, NetJets, BioSteel Sports Supplements, Titleist and Perfect Sense Digital.

Spieth gets to wear a Rolex every day, use Titleist brand golf clubs that he has played with his entire life and fly NetJets private planes with the top professionals in his sport.

His prize money from the Masters is £1.23m and his earnings have already passed £9 million from a total of 68 professional events in which he has competed. That means he is making money at a faster rate than Tiger Woods was at the same point in his career.

He has become the current season’s PGA Tour money leader having already won just short of £3.4m on the golf course this year. No one else on the tour has a higher percentage of potential prize money won.

Observers will be watching out to see if he can remain grounded. It was noted that he did as his parents told him after Sunday’s win. He also has a foundation for special needs kids. His younger sister has autism and he wants to help out others in similar situations.

But he will need his wits about him to keep corporate interest at bay. Spieth’s agent is said to be holding conversations with new brands on a daily basis.

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