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Morrisons brings back staff to replace self-service

Morrisons checkoutMorrisons is to bring back staff to replace hundreds of self-service checkouts following complaints from customers.

The supermarket chain’s new boss David Potts said 96% of his customers prefer staffed checkouts as they provide someone to chat to, while two thirds of shoppers feel uncomfortable scanning their own products.

Mr Potts, who recently replaced the ousted Dalton Phillips, said: “We’re listening hard to our customers and responding quickly wherever possible.”

The chain will open 1000 10-items-or-fewer lanes. He added: “Not everyone wants to be herded towards the self-scanning checkouts and not everyone has a full trolley.”

A month ago Morrisons ditched its computerised queue management system, which informed staff when to open extra checkout lanes. Instead, staff decide when to open and close checkouts as they see fit.

Self-service checkouts have divided opinion since they were introduced in the 1990s, with some believing they were mainly intended to reduce staff, leading to a less personalised service.

Morrisons found only one in three of its customers use self-service checkouts, with just one in four saying they would like to use them.

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