Pioneer develops new platform

‘Game changer’ nooq set to revolutionise office comms

NooqA communications platform designed by a Scots entrepreneur to tackle information overload has been described as  a “game changer”.

NooQ, which is launched today, creates graphic heat maps that highlight the most pressing issues of the day at a glance, helping to increase business productivity.

It has already won praise from tycoon Sir Tom Hunter, start-up mentor Jim Duffy and Scottish Enterprise.

Pitched as the future of digital communication, it aims to improve communication by prioritising messages.

Research shows that 61% of the day is spent looking for information, answers, expertise and decisions while 80% of messages are irrelevant.

Graeme BodysNooQ is the brainchild of Graeme Bodys (left) who has extensive experience delivering multi-million pound technology projects for global brands including Airbus, IBM, RedHat, Tesco Bank and Volkswagen.

He said: We believe that NooQ will revolutionise the workplace: it can truly transform the way people work.

“Most people waste so much time in the office, sending, receiving and sorting thousands of emails, attending long meetings and working in a fairly rigid way.  NooQ is a unique way of enabling conversations across an entire workforce, encouraging creativity and gathering information in a time effective and visual way.

“NooQ helps users control what’s important and what’s not. Who hasn’t wanted to turn down the volume on certain colleagues or projects at some point?  With nooQ you can do this.  It’s highly visual, intuitive software which can genuinely help make the best use of everyone’s time.”

NooQ has received funding from Scottish Edge and Scottish Enterprise, both of whom fully recognise the future potential of the platform.  nooQ is currently in conversation with RBS, Grass Roots and Kuhn, Kamman & Kuhn, who have been trialling the software to positive effect.

Jim Duffy, chief executive of Entrepreneurial Spark, was full of praise for the platform.

“NooQ is a game changer.  Insightful and intuitive, it brings conversations to life, creating meaningful real-time data for companies.  Imagine being able to listen to the heartbeat of your company through a visual stethoscope and now you appreciate the power of nooQ.”

The platform is being recognised by industry peers and has won awards for ‘Coolest Product’, ‘Coolest Feature’ and ‘Best fit For My Company’ at the recent Social Now event in Amsterdam, attended by technology companies from all over Europe.

Phase 1 of nooQ launches today, which allows teams to ask questions, discuss ideas, seek decisions, follow news and set deadlines.

Further phases of the technology will launch soon, which will allow Twitter, email and social work tools, such as Yammer, to become integrated into user profiles, thereby extending the opportunity to sort information accessed on a daily basis.

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