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Budget: Full coverage

Budget Special: news & opinion on Chancellor’s statement

Daily Business brings you unrivalled coverage of The Budget from a Scottish perspective. The Budget pages are an item-by-item listing of the main issues, including reaction from every sector affected and opinion from seven columnists.

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The Budget pages will be updated as news and opinion emerges.


Main news items:

* Income tax thresholds raised

* New Help-to-Buy ISA for homebuyers

* Cuts in whisky and beer taxes

* New tax package for the oil and gas industry

* Latest economic forecasts

Commentators providing analysis across the range of issues:

* Terry Murden, Editor of Daily Business

* Jeff Salway, leading personal finance writer

* Hugh Aitken, new director of CBI Scotland

* Colin Borland, head of Scotland’s leading small business group, FSB

* Alan Steel, a leading personal finance adviser and commentator

* David Glen, head of Scotland office, PwC

* Susannah Simpson, an expert in enterprise at PwC


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