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Company hopes for Royal favour

Exclusive: Miner says rich will take a shine to Scottish gold

gold barsThe company mining for gold near Loch Lomond is in talks to secure a special hallmark as it believes Scottish gold jewellery will become a global phenomenon.

Scotgold Resources expects to secure a £20 million funding round with the banks and equity investors later this year that will enable it to build the mine at Tyndrum and begin production in 2017.

Chief executive Richard Gray told Daily Business he believes the uniqueness and rarity of Scottish gold will appeal to those wanting precious jewellery from a niche source.

Welsh gold is currently used in jewellery worn by the Royal family and he believes Scottish gold will enjoy a similar must-have reputation among the rich and famous.

“We would market the gold with a Scottish provenance. People will pay a huge premium for that,” he said. “The jewellers are biting our hands off.”

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