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1990s culture mag ceases publication

Loaded no more as lads migrate online

Loaded 2Loaded, the magazine that helped launch the Lads culture of the 1990s with its agenda of football, girls, gadgets and drinking, has finally met its match  – YouTube.

After upsetting feminists and anyone who disapproved of its sometimes uncouth tone, the magazine is published this month for the last time, a victim of the online publishing revolution, publisher Simian said.

The last-ever edition, published this week, featured musician Noel Gallagher and Scottish novelist Irvine Welsh. Past contributors included Hunter S Thompson and Nick Hornby.

A relaunch last July with a more discerning approach to women was not enough to save it.

Deputy editor Lia Nicholls said on Twitter that it was a “sad day. Loved every minute.”

James Brown, one of the initial launch editors in 1994 said the news was “a pity. The last team seemed to have made a real go of it.”

Sales have fallen from a peak of 350,000 to around 30,000 and it follows rivals such as Nuts to go out of print.

But it seems that falling sales may have nothing to do with its laddish culture or disapproval of pages featuring scantily-clad females.

One commentator said: “It’s just migrated to Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and hundreds of other websites.”

According to Alexa web analytics, The Lad Bible, which only launched three years ago, is receiving more web traffic than the two leading online papers – the Daily Mail and The Guardian.

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