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Hole-in-one pays for holiday

Heather’s delight as dad scores golf prize

Heather PeeblesThe father of Scottish PR operator Heather Peebles (pictured) has more than paid for a family holiday in the Caribbean by winning a £25,000 golf prize.

The 56-year-old, from Broughty Ferry, staked £260 to score a hole-in-one at a local course and overcame odds of 12,500-1 to notch the shot.

Mr Peebles broke the news when his wife and daughter arrived in Trinidad where he spent part of his childhood.

Daughter Heather, 23, who has just taken up a new job at Burt Greener in Edinburgh, said: “Apparently, he was quiet for five seconds then he just erupted. He jumped on his partner’s back and actually hurt him.”

She said he had appeared on local TV stations and was enjoying his five minutes of fame.

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