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'Invaluable opportunities' for deals

Biggest Scots technology delegation in search of global riches

Pure Li-fiThe biggest ever contingent of Scottish mobile technology firms will be in Barcelona this week bidding for investment and export deals at the world’s largest showcase for the sector.

Twenty nine Scottish firms, including Skyscanner and the pioneering light technology firm Pure Li-fi, will attend the 2015 World Mobile Congress (MWC) opening today. They all hope to use the event as a springboard to secure key contracts.

Scottish Enterprise and Scottish Development International are leading the delegation of Scots who will be vying for the attention of international mobile operators, vendors and content owners.

At a time when mobile communications are evolving at an extraordinary pace, the 2015 MWC will feature some of Scotland’s most innovative and advanced digital technologies, chiefly in digital health and smart mobility.

Scotland’s mobile technology industry is thriving, employing around 19,000 people. A separate study has shown that Scotland’s digital industries provide £940 million of gross value added, representing 29% of the total contribution made to the economy by the arts and creative sector.

Mark Newlands, international sector head of technology and engineering at Scottish Enterprise, said: “The Scottish mobile technology industry is growing quickly, due to both the quality of the technologies being developed in Scotland, but also the demand for those technologies at home and overseas.

“By providing advice and funding we’ve been able to support many businesses operating within this sector in their growth ambitions, and we’ve also helped to open doors to the international marketplace.”

He said the congress provided “an invaluable opportunity” for some of Scotland’s top mobile technology businesses to build up networks and secure milestone deals.

“Previous attendees have secured major new contracts on the back of their presence at MWC, so we know that there’s a huge amount of benefit to be gained from the exhibition.”

Scottish Enterprise’s delegation includes:

·         pureLiFi – This pioneering technology represents the future of wireless communications. This technology offers high-speed and networked internet access via light, using LED light imperceptible to the human eye to send data from one Li-Fi-equipped device to another.

·         Skyscanner is a leading global travel search engine. Having launched in 2003, Skyscanner now helps over 30 million unique visitors each month to find the best deals, through powerful technology built across website and mobile apps. With more than 500 employees spanning 35 nationalities across nine global offices, Skyscanner places great emphasis on its global flight coverage, with search available in over 30 languages and 70 currencies. Skyscanner’s highly-rated free mobile apps are available on all major platforms and have been downloaded over 35 million times.

·         mLED has developed a new generation of LED technology – introducing ultra-high brightness micro-LEDs. It addresses consumer and industrial applications from head mounted displays, scopes, smart eyewear, head-up-displays, rugged computing all the way to digital printing and lithography. This platform capability is set to accelerate adoption in the multi-billion wearable tech market.

·         Talking Medicines – This technology improves patient adherence by allowing them to digest complex medical information in an easy to understand and stress-free manner, at a time and place of their own choosing. Talking Medicines reminds the patient how and when to take their prescription, and is geared towards both human and veterinary health.

·         eeGeo – A mapping platform for the mobile age – one that allows the rich and dynamic character of the real world to be reflected in mobile applications. eeGeo’s maps can show weather conditions and time of day, with night-time images as well. The software has a cartoon-like feel, but uses real 3D models rather than pasted-on bitmaps. The Dundee-based company claims it offers companies which want to give their maps a human face a better option than Google Maps and Bing.

·         MaidSafe – By devising an entirely new approach to networking and online security on a free to customer basis, IT firm MaidSafe is making waves in technology fields by promising a decentralised solution to cyberspace. Company founder and inventor David Irvine suggests their patent-protected SAFE (Secure Access For Everyone) Network could transform the way we think about the internet by offering a system that removes the reliance on data centres, servers and large technology companies when handling our information, thus revolutionising digital security.

·         Ciqual – The company’s ‘Session Insight’ solution is a unique mobile customer service platform that provides essential information to customers on how to address mobile issues quickly and reliably.

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