Watch and Galaxy on the block

Apple and Samsung keeping watch on Huawei

Apple WatchIt looks like a big week or two for the gadget world’s main players. Samsung is expected to unveil its Galaxy S6 today (1 March) while the tech world is anticipating the launch of Apple’s Watch on 9 March.

The S6 smartphone has already been the subject of rumours over a tidied up App selection and concerns over shorter battery life.

Apple said it will hold a special event on 9 March which is being interpreted as the unveiling of the Watch which is due to go on sale in April.

Apple unveiled the Apple Watch in September and will be the company’s first all-new product since it introduced the iPad in 2010.

In the meantime, more competition is on the horizon.  Huawei is the latest manufacturer to announce that it is entering the smartwatch arena.

The company has released two videos on YouTube talking up how people just want “a watch to be a watch,” and don’t just want “a miniature smartphone on their wrist.”

The circular stainless steel unibody crafted watch, powered by Android Wear, will feature sapphire glass and is being positioned at the high end fashion crowd.

“The Huawei Watch is designed with the sophisticated consumer in mind, a product that is suitable for business, casual and also sporty occasions,” claims Huawei.

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