More embarrassment for the board

Rangers switches EGM to Ibrox following ‘threats’ to London hotel

IbroxRangers board has been forced to switch its EGM to Ibrox following “threats from persons unknown” to the London hotel that had agreed to host it. A new date will have to be agreed.

The Grange Hotel at Tower Hill is the second London hotel to pull out following the decision of the Millennium Gloucester to say that it feared disruption to guests.

In a statement issued this morning, the club said:  “It is with regret that the board must announce that, following threats from persons unknown, the Grange Hotel at Tower Hill in London has informed the company that it is no longer willing to host the General Meeting on 4 March 2015. Accordingly, the new venue for this General Meeting will be Ibrox Stadium, in Glasgow, at a date to be determined.

“The original London venue was selected for the General Meeting because the Board felt that previous General Meetings held at Ibrox had been disrupted by chanting and other shouting and accordingly had sought a business venue where a meeting could be held with more decorum. Following threats it was decided to seek a second London venue, not least because, for legal reasons, this would have preserved the ability to continue to hold the meeting on 4 March. Unfortunately, these efforts have now been thwarted.

A further announcement will be made as soon as possible once a new time and date for the General Meeting have been established.”

This latest embarrassing development is likely to hand further support to Dave King, the South Africa-based businessmen who called the EGM.

He wants to oust the current board, comprising David Somers, James Easdale, Barry Leach and Derek Llambias, and install himself, Paul Murray and John Gilligan as directors of the club.

The board added to its unpopularity in the first place by opting to hold the EGM in London.

Earlier, the TV chef Gordon Ramsay threw his weight behind the supporters’  shareholder group.  The celebrity chef, who trained with the Ibrox club in the 1980s, confirmed he had joined the Rangers First which now holds 1.7% of the cluh.

Ramsay follows in the footsteps of Vladimir Weiss, Alex Rae, Richard Gough, Jorg Albertz, Claudio Reyna, Nacho Novo and Dadoi Prso – who have already pledged their support to Rangers First.

The group’s membership numbers have grown to almost 9,500 supporters.


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