Forestry investments help Scottish Woodlands hit record

Woodland forestryScottish Woodlands said demand for investments in forestry remain high and helped the company experience its best-ever year with operating profits up almost 25% to £1.56 million on a 16% rise in sales to £73.8m.

The 80% employee-owned company is now harvesting more than a million tonnes of timber a year on behalf of its clients.

Chairman Tom Jones said in the annual report that all the company’s business streams had operated profitably. He wrote: “Demand for forestry investments remained high through 2013/14, which – when coupled with new woodland creation and the flow of re-stocking following harvesting, maintained a stable demand for the company’s forest management services. Utilities and landscaping activity also increased and the outlook remains strong in these sectors.”

Colin Mann, managing director, said the results “reflected the continuation of a consistently strong performance since a management-led buy-out of Scottish Woodlands in 2005.”

Scottish Woodlands is a member of trade body Confor: promoting forestry and wood,  whose chief executive Stuart Goodall, urged continuing government support for forestry.

He said: “It is imperative the Scottish Government fully recognises the value of the sector to the economy, environment and Scotland’s rural communities and drives towards the target of planting 10,000 hectares of new woodland every year – most of it productive planting to supply the wood processing industry.”

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