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Sony Walkman has had an upgrade – but at a price

Sony WalkmanFirst it was a resurgence of vinyl. Now the Walkman is undergoing a makeover, though it will prove costly.

Sony has unveiled a luxury version – which means it’s not cheap. In fact, it will cost £950.

Nor is it quite like the originals. It features a touch screen, 128GB of storage plus the option to add an SD card for up to 256GB, up to 60 hours of playback (33 hours if you’re listening solely to lossless-audio files like FLAC), Bluetooth connectivity, an Android OS, and the ability to get apps from the Google Play store.

There are lots of other specs and the new Walkman’s upgraded amplifier and wiring mean less signal disruption to preserve as much of the original recording’s sound data as possible.

Sony has yet to announce the exact release date for the new Walkman. In the meantime, Fortune magazine says you could always buy a classic Walkman and some cassettes.

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