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Google no longer looking through the Glass

Google GlassGoogle stunned technology enthusiasts everywhere by announcing it was pulling its Google Glass project and no longer taking orders.

Glass is a hands-free device featuring a thumbnail-sized screen above the wearer’s right eye.

It was supposed to herald “wearable technology”, but it raised privacy concerns for its potential to secretly take pictures and videos

The decision to halt the projedct looks like a big setback in the search by leading developers for the next big thing.

Google Glasses only went on sale a few months ago, though at a price of £1,000 per pair, they were not expected to be an overnight sell-out.

Even so, many industry watchers had seen Google Glass, which emerged from the Google X lab, as one of the products that would shape the future.

And in February Virgin Atlantic launched a six-week Google Glass pilot for its passengers.

Google has said it is not the end of Glass, but it may have taken criticism of the “freakish” reputation it was earning from those seen wearing them. It will now work on a more polished and affordable version.

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