Pair looking at possible reunion

Fred hints at reunion with old show partner McCoist

MacAulay & McCoistFred MacAulay has hinted at a reunion with former Rangers manager Ally McCoist to recreate their 1990s television show.

McCoist and MacAulay ran for a year util 1999 on the BBC but they went their separate ways.

Now that McCoist is out of a job and MacAulay’s daily show on Radio Scotland is due to end the comedian has told the Daily Record that he would not rule out the pair getting back together.

“Are we getting back together?  There have been a number of phone calls back and forward and I can tell you we don’t know,” he told the paper.

His show is being replaced by a new mid-morning show presented by Kaye Adams which will include more interviews and build on the existing phone-in format of Morning Call.

MacAulay will be working on three new radio series with the station including a comedy panel show, Breaking The News, a weekly satirical programme.

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